Homey for MS-DOS®

At Athom, our users are the most important thing to us. We want everyone to enjoy Homey, even those who are not running the newest OS.

Introducing Homey for MS-DOS® —available on just 6 floppy disks— gives you the Smart Home of the future on yesterday's machine.



Try it out in the Homey for MS-DOS® Emulator!

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Some products are self-explanatory, some aren't.
Some people say Homey for MS-DOS is the latter, some don't.


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What our lifetime users say

Homey for MS-DOS changed the way I interact with my house everyday. It has never been so wonderfully cumbersome to check if my bedroom window is still open as with Homey for MS-DOS. I'm loving it!

– G. Irving

Out of all the DOS Smart Home systems I have used, Homey for MS-DOS is easily my favourite. The broad range of functionality - all the way from Flows to Insights - along with the modern-day visual styling combine into the most stylish and powerful system out there.

– Beatrice Adeline Agnes Kennedy

The deal is just amazing! I can't believe you are still reading this instead of ordering right away. Since I did, I've never looked back on my old life. Get it now!

– T. Paterson


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Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing shortage at our floppy disk partner, Homey for MS-DOS® is currently out of stock.



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